Report Design & Marketing

Client: Sparkcentral

This 50 page report is based on a survey that was conducted by Sparkcentral. I built a lead form that captured answers from over 219 people from different companies and industries into a CRM. The results were utilized to create the following campaign.

Report Design

The design was created with multiple purposes in mind. I created the ability to easily download image files, powerpoints or PDFs as needed from a single cloud resource. It was intended to give different people across various departments the ability to edit and personalize for their specific needs. This would allow Sales to personalize the report to potential prospects, Marketing to adjust messaging copy, etc.


report cover design

report design
report design
report design

Promotional Materials

I created various visuals to promote the report across multiple digital channels including social, native ads and email.

facebook ad designer

social ad design twitter

email header design

Landing Page

The landing page was intended to let the user access the report directly. A digital version of the first several pages leads to a smart-form to download the full report. The page also tracks and captures target audience activity.

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1. Research

I picked elements that compliment the Sparkcentral brand, while also creating a bold visual statement.

Companies are always striving to evolve their branding. I had to take into consideration the current design guidelines as well as the direction that Sparkcentral is headed as the visual brand of the company evolves.

2. Plan

I optimized the design process to allow for most impactful output while maintaining visual integrity. The entire design was completed within the 1 week deadline.

I needed to efficiently allocate which visual ad resources would be applied to which platforms to stay within budget and have the biggest impact. This determined what visuals would need to be produced.

3. Execute

I layout the report content into separate pages to ensure that the visual flow makes sense. I select typography and colors throughout the report as well as placeholder imagery. After additional reviews, I add the final visuals and infographic elements.

When the report design is complete, I create the landing page to match it. The promotional materials are also based on the same report guidelines.

4. Measure

Defining the success of a report campaign is not an easy task. I analyze conversion rates across all marketing channels including the website. I evaluate social media reaction and engagement.

I A/B test colors, email and ad copy, target audiences and CTA language within all promotional materials.